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Bao Nguyen


Bao is a successful daytrader based out of San Jose, CA. He graduated from UC Davis University with an engineering degree. He moved to New York City after graduating and began to trade part time in 2005 while working as a software engineer, a career that spanned 10 years.

Bao enjoyed much success trading OTCBB/Pink Sheet/Penny stocks. He developed a consistent and repeatable strategy, which he honed for a few years, before making the transition to full time trading. He is probably most known for his $1.5 M daily gain on the stock FNMA. After that day, Bao was subsequently banned from trading most routes….. An accomplishment in which he takes pride as he beat the market makers at their own game.

Bao has now transitioned to trading small cap, listed stocks; mostly intraday. He is very active on twitter (@modern_rock) and is never shy about voicing his opinion on stocks and also “gurus.” He strongly believes chasing the passion of trading will lead to monetary success.

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